Russian Dating Culture

March 14, 2020

In the imagination of most foreigners, Russians appear to be cold and unpretentious people, who will not be very eager to meet and interact with strangers. Although – beauties from Russia never go unnoticed by foreigners, not all men are willing to take the risk of dating fatal women from Russia. It’s much easier if you’re familiar with the Russian dating culture.

How to Find a Russian Girlfriend?

Fortunately, it has become much more comfortable for modern men to meet the girl of their dreams. You don’t even have to take a plane ticket to explore and dating women of other nationalities on their territory.

If you are wondering how to find a Russian girlfriend, the best answer is to use the services of dating sites that help to get in touch with girls from Russia. There are so many such services on the Internet, so men have a genuine chance to meet with Slavic beauties and get to know their culture of dates.

The girls you will see on the Russian dating site are open to communicating with foreigners, so you do not have to worry about getting rejected.

Russian woman

What Is the Difference between Russian and Western Dating Culture?

Family institute, upbringing, languages of love, dating​​- every culture has its own attitude to these things. It is said that human feelings have the same language, no matter what nationality you belong to. It is true, but when it comes to Russian dating customs, you should know that everything is much easier in Russia than anywhere. People who belong to the Slavic nation are not used to restricting themselves to rules and regulations in everything related to emotional communication. All you have to do is learn more about the culture and etiquette of the Russians to make your date successful and free from unpleasant surprises.

The main difference between Russian dating and culture The West is that the very fact of dating is already hinted at as a possible relationship. In Russian culture, there are no such things as “casual communication” or “one-night sex” unless you call contacted a girl of natural behavior. If your lady has agreed to go on a date with you, it becomes a positive sign of her sympathy for you.

In terms of dating and marriage in Russia, this nation is still old-fashioned. The girls expect from their partner gentlemanly behavior and romance. The attention of men spoils beautiful Slavic singles; they are accustomed to gallant actions and displays of care at any stage of your relationship.

You do not have to be upset if your companion behaves somewhat shy and closed. It is not since she has no desire to communicate. On the contrary, Russians are used to listening more than talking. They need to make a positive impression about themselves, so anything that can be perceived by foreigners as boredom is a show of respect for the interlocutor.

Slavic girls are cautious enough on a first date. They will not exaggerate themselves and will not tolerate neglect. If this is your first dating, then all tactile contacts should be kept to a minimum. Unlike European or American culture, where hugs and touches play an essential role in bringing people together, Russians need to keep some distance.

In Russian relationships, the authority will always remain a man. Ladies of this nationality are not used to taking the first step, so they leave this right to their chosen one. Russian girls appreciate determined, persistent, and courageous guys. Therefore, along with these beauties, it is necessary to show the strength of character and respect for girls.

Another critical feature of dating in Russia is that girls evaluate not only your attitude and behavior towards them but also how you behave in communication with other people. It can be a dialogue with a waiter, hostess, or parking attendant. Russian women need to see a well-educated and tolerant man who behaves with dignity in public.

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Leading Tips for Your Russian Dating

For your dating and marriage in Russia to happen successfully, you need to make some recommendations. If you follow these simple rules, you can easily conquer the heart of Russian beauty.

  1. Follow good manners. When dating with a Slavic beauty, do not forget the primary manifestations of attention. Your companion will appreciate it if you help her get out of the car, open and hold the door in front of her, etc. Russian girls enjoy this behavior, so it will help to make a positive impression about themselves because good manners are an essential element of Russian courting.
  2. Culture greetings. You may think it’s old-fashioned, but in Russia, it’s still considered an excellent gesture to kiss a girl’s hand when you meet. If this is a problem for you, you can easily embrace it, but it should not be misused just as you should forget about excessive touches during a date. It will be much better if you just hold your companion’s hand while walking without allowing yourself to go.
  3. Appearance. Of course, you don’t have to wear a threesome for your first date. Your appearance should match the place where you spend the evening with a lady from Russia. But your clothes should be clean and dusty. Pay attention to your hairstyle and choose light perfumes, because the look is the first thing that your favorite will pay attention to.
  4. Don’t forget about the flowers. All the girls love flowers. Even if they say, it’s not true. For Russian culture relationships, flowers are an essential element of attention. It is what makes a girl feel needed and loved.
  5. Keep the conversation going. Before you invite a girl to date, you should think about topics that you can talk about. The Russians behave in the first meeting, so you must take the initiative in your own hands. If you are dating online, you need to find out what common interest you have with your girlfriend and make sure your friend supports the topics you offer. Do not ask too personal or intimate questions; the most successful topics for a conversation on a first date with the Russians are culture, literature, travel, or hobbies. You can also share cultural experiences and share more about your country of birth.
  6. Control the speech. No girl wants to spend time in the company of a man who speaks the obscene language and cannot relate a few words without using foul words. You should keep track of what you are saying and in what tone. Insulting other people will characterize you on the wrong side. Avoid gossip or discussing someone else’s life on a date with a Russian lady.
  7. On a date, the man pays the bill. Unlike the European mentality, where it is considered the norm to split the bill 50/50, Russian women are accustomed to having a man take on this obligation. Moreover, if you are the initiator of your date, and it is not about the mercantile of Russians, it is one of the origins of the etiquette of Russian culture.

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And What Next?

Your date is guaranteed success if you are well acquainted with the culture of Russian dates. Of course, girls do not go out on a date for fun. After the first meeting, the Russian woman will be waiting for your call and appointment for the next meeting.

The closer you get to know and learn your Russian favorites, the more you will be able to understand Russian marriage culture. It is also very different from Europe or America because Russian women are very family-oriented. They seek to build serious and long-lasting relationships rather than spend their time on entertainment and casual relationships. You should always talk about your intentions, so Russian beauties will not tolerate mysteries.

All relationships in Russia are based on male domination. Patriarchy is an integral part of the Institute of Family in Russian Culture. Here it is customary to consider a man to be the head of the family and the primary source of financial support. And while the woman is given the role of mother and housewife. In today’s world, Russians are increasingly moving away from these norms, as women now seek greater self-realization. But if it wasn’t, Russia’s marriage culture is that a woman devotes most of her time to family and her husband.

But don’t expect that after a Russian marriage you get a bored homemaker. The peculiarity of Russian women is that they can retain their attractiveness and sexuality, even when performing their homework.

Russian girls can win the hearts of men and give them comfort and coziness. Marrying them will provide you with a loyal partner who is willing to compromise for the sake of a relationship. At the same time, the Russians do not lose themselves alongside the man and become his harmonious complement, support him, and inspire him.

To Sum Up

Dating Russian women can be a pleasant experience in your life and allow you to build a happy family. The more you can get to know Russian culture and people, the fewer stereotypes you will have about them. Russian girls are special, so dating them will not be the way you get used to it.

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