Russian Marriage Culture

March 14, 2020

Throughout history, the family occupied a special place in Russian culture. It was in the family and, in fact, in the family that the national culture, the ethical “code” of social behavior was largely shaped, and, finally, the family was and is the first cradle of the national worldview for younger generations.

For Russians, family and marriage are paramount. For most young people in the country, family-building is a primary goal, since the mentality of this nationality is to have strong family ties. Each person is responsible for all family members; they help each other and maintain their family ties. Unlike European and American, marriage culture professes a steady family institute and traditional values.

Relationships Before Marriage

The Russians have been practicing the Orthodox religion, which has long been the primary source of rules and regulations in their culture. It led to the fact that for a long time, a loving couple had no right to live together until their marriage was concluded in church and officially registered by the state. The absence of sex before marriage in Russian culture was also a fundamental law for young couples. The public disgraced those who violated the law, and not infrequently; even the family could turn away from the girl.

Of course, these stereotypes have disappeared from the life of modern culture. Now lovers believe they have to live together before getting married and starting a family. It helps to check relationships for strength and match of people in everyday matters. Very few people dare to marry today until they have the confidence that their partner can provide a comfortable atmosphere at home.

Russian wedding culture

At What Age are Russians Getting Married?

Modern Russians are in no hurry to get married until they have built a solid material foundation to meet the needs of their future family. Their law allows marriage at the age of 18, in some cases, such as pregnancy, a girl can get married even at 16. But the practice is not widespread in local society. While the average age of marriage japan is 25-29 years old, country residents now start families at 27-34 years old.

It is because the younger generation is eager to self-fulfill and have time to enjoy an independent life before taking responsibility for starting a family.

Of course, this is not for everyone, as no one forbids girls and boys to marry at a younger age. Also, the current generation somewhat violates the traditional rules of marriage in Russian culture, in that many families are created without official registration. In the country, this phenomenon is called “civil marriage” when people can live together and have children without marriage documents.

Increasingly, pretty young girls are choosing men slightly older than them to start a family. They explain this to the fact that mature men are much more stable and responsible than young boys who are not yet ready to take on the responsibilities of the head of the family.

The ancient Slavic tradition that a girl should get married as soon as possible also becomes a thing of the past. Contemporary locals, on the other hand, seek to get a good education, get a decent job, and make some career advances before devoting themselves to family.

Where  Does the Young Family Live?

The question of what Russian married life is like is not so straightforward. Since not every young couple has the opportunity to buy their own home, they can live with the parents of a husband or wife until they raise enough money for their family nest.

Living together in a large and friendly family is a sign of traditional Russian marriage, as people of that nationality are accustomed to being close to their family. They not only share a shared space but also not rarely develop a family business.

Of course, not everyone can sustain such a life, so some couples take out mortgages or just rent an apartment to enjoy family life with each other. And this is becoming quite popular in today’s Russian culture of marriage when newlyweds are seeking independence and independence from their parents.

Russian wedding culture

Difference between Russian and American Marriage Culture

It is no secret that the beauty of Slavic women fascinates Western men. But can this be the only motivation for foreign men to marry a Russian woman?

Everything is much more complicated.

  • Feminism.

The main reason why Americans favor Russian wives is that these girls are not so emancipated. Not every man is ready to accept a feminist with career orientation, not a family. Instead, girls from Russia are more inclined towards their maternal instincts and see their vocation in creating a warm family hearth.

If we compare American vs. Russian culture marriage, we will notice a significant difference in the fact that for American society, it is the norm that a woman is an authority in the family and more often financially provides for her. At the same time, a man performs a role here, which is assigned to the woman in Russian family culture.

And even because modern women from Russia are also succeeding professionally, it does not prevent them from fulfilling the responsibilities of a wonderful and self-sufficient wife. Women of Slavic nationality have learned to combine their intelligence and perseverance in the professional field with femininity and caring in the family. It is what attracts American men.

  • Initiative.

Another reason is that women from Russia are letting their husbands be the initiator in the relationship. Unlike Americans, who can easily take the first step in dating men, conquering the heart of Russian beauty is not easy.

Women in Russia are, to some extent, the inaccessible and forbidden fruit that attracts and challenges men. With these women, life becomes unpredictable and exciting.

  • Attitude to the family.

There is also a fundamental difference between American and Russian women. When considering Russian culture in marriage, the main feature is that it is an integral part of a family with children. At that time, child-free positions are increasingly practiced in America. Not all men are satisfied with this.

  • Behavior.

There is a stereotype in the world that Russians are not brought up. However, it should not be called so, just that their behavior is not the same as that of Americans or Europeans.

If an American woman can slyly smile in response to the fact that she did not like something, then the Slavic lady will not be silent. It does not mean that it is hysterical. Russians are not ashamed of their feelings and emotions, they are straightforward and honest with others, and this is what makes them unique.

Russian wedding culture

Some Facts about Russian Marriage Culture

  • The main Russian culture facts marriage is that the main reason for marriage is love. Although in ancient culture, it was only an economic agreement between families. In today’s Slavic culture, the family institute has undergone significant changes. Now couples get married only at the urging of a loving heart, not a benefit.
  • Marriages in Russia are registered with Citizens Recording Organs. However, the couple can do without a noisy ceremony at will. Today, few marriages in Russia are officially concluded because couples prefer civil marriages.
  • Russians need to marry in the church. They believe that this will help create a lasting and happy marriage between the two lovers. Most Russian culture facts marriage arranged by church.
  • In most Russian families, the romance ends after marriage. As a rule, men cease to amaze their wives, and they, in turn, feel dissatisfied and devalued. It is what leads to most divorces of Russian families. And this is also the main reason why Russian girls are looking to start families with foreigners who are more romantic and considerate, even after recovery.
  • The Russians are arranging a big wedding. People of this nationality love fun holidays. They do not spare money to organize a beautiful wedding for several hundred people. Couples usually invite all relatives, friends, and colleagues to share the happy day of their lives with them.
  • They are having children before marriage is considered a wrong tone. This stereotype is imposed on the older Russian generation, who condemns men and women who ignore formal marriage. Under this pressure, young people venture to register their families officially.
  • There are more and more Russian women seeking to meet an American man to start a family. The reason for this is the neglect of Russian men and the increasing number of domestic violence cases in Russian society.

To Sum Up

The marriage culture in Russian society still has echoes of its past. Ancient traditions have changed somewhat under the influence of current trends and views on the institution of the family, but Russians always adhere to some customs and beliefs about marriage. At the same time, strong family ties still play an essential role in the life of the Russian nation.

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